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I know I haven’t done a legit workout in a week but damn….I am pouring sweat today. I haven’t been lazy either. Walked 2.5-3 miles last thursday, walked at least another 2 miles or more on friday, walked some more on saturday, and went swimming on monday.

Not to mention I worked out in some way every day before going on vacation (last sunday-wednesday).

Bleeh……fitness game needs to be kicked into gear again.

Small boob rant!

Excuse me while I bitch about my small boobs.

I have never been big chested, but I have made do with what I had. When I was younger I had considered implants but then I had lost weight and things kind of looked proportionate.

Well 7 years later, after a weight gain and another weight loss, my boobs have sadly shrunk down. I can still fit a B but VS says I’m an A. I damn near cried when they told me that.

So I have been struggling with insecurities regarding my boob size. My boyfriend doesn’t care since he’s more of an ass man and my boobs are handful size so he says they are fine. But sadly we girls are taught that in order to be a woman you must have large breasts.

Plus it didn’t help that I saw pics of my former roommate who had mosquito bites and now has larger breasts because she got implants.



Purple Sapphire and Diamond Ring

A custom-made ring set with a 1.25ct Natural Purple Sapphire that has not been heated. Surrounded by .40ct in VS G Diamonds channel set in a 14k white gold band.

This is a classic, oft-requested design due to its timeless appeal. A gentle swirl begins at each shoulder to give the stone an illusion of size. The ring also appears more ‘decisive’ while relaxed.

On ‘No-Heat’ Sapphires:
A ‘No-Heat’ Sapphire is exquisite and rare. 99% of mined sapphires will still undergo heat treatment, a common practice in the jewelry trade, and still be termed ‘natural’, given the natural provenance of Earth’s stones. Unless specifically tested and certified to fulfill the strict criteria for a ‘No-Heat’ stone, even the most expensive and large sapphires would have been heat-treated. The 1% that is considered color or grade ‘perfect’ will not be heat-treated. A ‘No-Heat’ Sapphire is that 1 percent.

1.65cts in total weight.

Hopefully I can get a ring like this. We found a purple sapphire and a similar setting. I think it would be pretty.

Did anyone else catch the EXTREMELY SMALL cameo that Eric and Alan made in episode 3 of Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus?

It was during the explanation of the Soul Reapers, right at the end of it you of course see the weapons of William, Grell, and Ronald. BUT!!!! There are two other weapons as well and after paying attention to them and the reapers holding each weapon when they zoom out, it is very obviously Eric and Alan each on the outside of the group.

I know it’s kind of grasping at straws, but gotta get it where I can.

Ok so here is the explanation for my freak out last night lol.

Last thursday my boyfriend and I left for a small vacation to celebrate out 5th anniversary. Since we live in Texas, we drove down to see the Riverwalk in San Antonio (beautiful and fun place for anyone to visit).

After a great couple of days, we started driving back on saturday. We stopped by a huge outlet mall to check some things out and went into the Helzberg outlet store. We started looking around at everything else and eventually got to the gemstones. We had discussed the possibility of getting a gemstone instead of a diamond for an engagement ring and I wanted to show him the ones I liked.

We left the store, casually talking about rings and etc, when the punk ass says “Well, should we go back and get a ring?” My poor little heart started beating and I tried not to get too over excited. I kept asking if he was sure and he admitted he had thought of asking that weekend because of our anniversary. He had just decided against it because so many people he knew got engaged either a week before or that weekend. After talking about it some more, I had told him that if he really wanted to ask me he could do it without a ring and we could pick it out later or we could pick a ring first and he could surprise me by waiting to ask. Sadly we did not purchase a ring because he wants it to be special for us but apparently all of this started a plan in his head. On our actual anniversary (Sunday), he said that he had a plan and wanted us to talk openly about our future engagement.

Fast foward to yesterday (Monday) when I freaked out. We were cooking dinner and he brought up another person who got engaged over the weekend, saying he was glad we didn’t do it. Since her ring was a gemstone, we were discussing stones. We had originally considered a white sapphire (kind of look like diamonds) but he wants something real and if it’s a gemstone, wants some color. I agreed. We looked at some sapphires online. He asked me which I would want, regardless of price, a sapphire or diamond. I told him a sapphire.

So he is going to get me either a blue or purple sapphire engagement ring, has a plan regarding the ring and possibly the proposal, has connections to wholesale jewelers, and even wants to look at rings one weekend soon.

And when all of this started sinking in….I didn’t quiet know how to handle all of my feels.

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